Marilyne Blais
Logo, identity and branding for Lit Sounds. Lit Sounds is an online library of sound effects and music samples that cater to the music industry profesionnals. The people behind Lit Sounds hired me to come up with some preliminary design ideas for their brand identity and logo. The project will launch online very soon.
litsounds litsounds litsounds litsounds litsounds
Tongue-in-cheek retro emoticons totes. Screen printed on heavy duty canvas bags.
emoticons tote bag emoticons tote bag
We Build Up was a collaboration with australian artist Kate Moss. The project involved two gallery, Rearview in Melbourne, Australia and Artbank in Vancouver Canada. The galleries were linked together via a video projection system; Through the length of the exhibition, artists, and participants worked to construct an installation connected by the screen, out of scavenged wood materials. The goal of the project was to be a mutual affectation between communication and the space: participants found themselves in a situation constantly altered, enhancing their sense of connection to the artwork. We Build Up was featured in the issue 5.2 of UN Magazine .
We Build Up We Build Up
New year = A fresh new start, and a brand new identity! I updated my website's layout and came up with a new playful business cards design for 2016. One of my resolution for the new year was to adopt a more relaxed attitude vis-a-vis work and to allow myself to have fun. This is a way to get me started in the right path!
Marilyne Blais identity Marilyne Blais identity Marilyne Blais identity Marilyne Blais identity